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  1. OkieKubota

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    Northeastern Oklahoma
    I know a lot of you may be awaiting the rut but I believe here in NE Oklahoma we have actually entered lockdown phase. The past 2 days scraping has ceased, bucks are not on any feeding stations and I have seen my first actually bred doe. These bred does are no longer harassed. The last day thevreally mature bucks moved in daylight was the 4th and I am no longer seeing random seeking. Our chase phase happened the week of Halloween. The random buck in my yard sightings at all times of day have stopped as well.

    Hope I am wrong but I am getting reports from all over the area and they are all the same. Not saying the chance to get on these big deer has gone away but it’s gonna be tougher...
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  2. suburbhunter

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    Central Maryland/Farm in Kentucky
    They were moving all over the place in MD earlier this week, the 4th in particular, including one of my targets that was just out of bow range :(. Now I am in Ky and I only saw two small bucks yesterday. One on the move nose to the ground, one feeding.
  3. Jeff H

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    Springfield, Mo Land in Ozark Mo
    Thanks for the insight.
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  4. Beechnut

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    Chesterfield County, SC
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    Chesterfield, South Carolina
    Saw some chasing and a lot of movement last weekend. My brother and I both took nice 8's within an hour of each other the end of October. Maybe the late heat here compressed the rut.
  5. Triple C

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    Northeast GA Zone 8a
    Bucks are falling like acorns here in the Piedmont of GA. Chase phase was wide open this past weekend and I'm getting pics a couple times a day of nice bucks killed this week, all chasing. I envy you guys that get to hunt for extended periods during the chase phase. I've never been able to do it due to work obligations. Just a weekend warrior that lives through others during this magical time of the year. One day...
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  6. Drycreek

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    East Texas
    I imagine we are in the same boat as y’all are Okie. Bad timing on our little heat wave for the last week or so. Last Saturday was the last decent day temp and wind wise until today, but bucks are gonna breed no matter the weather, and if it’s hot, they will do it at night. No matter, I usually see them in December putting on the feed bag.
  7. weekender21

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    Hawaii/North Carolina
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    It's interesting how much the peak breeding dates differ down south. Our peak breeding (lock down) in my county is late November (22nd) according to state fetus surveys. That will be my first day in the woods. I'd like to be there a week earlier but work dates don't allow it. Just glad to get a few days in the whitetail woods this fall, It's still hot in Hawaii. Low one day next week in western NC is 15F!

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