Highbush Blueberry Transplanting

Discussion in 'Native Habitat Management' started by Rmallaire, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    I live in southern NH. My property goes back to wetland where it has been damned up by beavers. Along the edges of the wetland, I'm finding a lot of high bush blueberries. Many of the plants are producing blueberries right now. Some are single trunks around 3" diameter at base, others are multiple trunks around 1-1/2" diameter at base. About 8' high.

    Come this Fall, once they are in dormancy I would like to transplant maybe 10 of them into a small block or a few rows which I could hang netting over.

    I'm wondering if I remove them from the moist soil they're currently into drier ground if they will still perform well. I would ideally like to plant them in a clearing I have made in my woods for a small orchard / garden. I've removed the trees and stumps already. It has about 6" of natural compost/ loam. I will take a soil sample to ensure I adjust the PH and NPK accordingly.

    Any help will be appreciated!

    Thank you, Randy

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    Do you have much browsing on the highbush blueberry? I have zero experience with it..

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