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    Like most American states outside of most former Confederate States of the South and to the blueness of my heart, deer hunters in Idaho are deprived of the joy of baying hounds off-lead in the woods and this is a shame. I can't get enthused about hunting at all unless there are pooches in the deal no matter what season or what critter my gun is after. Thankfully, we still can go after bear and lion with dogs off-lead but we can only keep an on-lead hound for trailing a wounded deer here. Most of the dog activity us dam-yankees enjoy is going after critters with feathers. Oftentimes, game regs on the books of many of the Several States are dictated by emotions and stupidity of those who don't know a whitetail from a mule deer rather than logical and sound wildlife biology. California got really stupid some five years ago when they silenced the black bear woods from hound song forever. Most bear hunters there gave it up altogether in that state.

    I have been a long-time champion of permitting freecasted hounds on deer nationwide. My hats off to elected officials in the South who still allow the age-old tradition of dog-hunting deer. I wish all the deer-hunting states would have the same mentality of those officials.

    I have a little poem I made up that shows how I feel about man's best friend afield.

    The American Hound Poem

    Let 'em run, let 'em bay, let the FREE hounds bay,
    From the South to the North, 'tis the American way!

    Let em track, let em trail, let the HOUNDS prevail,
    From the East to the West, dogs on deer is the best!

    Let em hunt, let em tree, let the HOUNDS roam free,
    From the coons to the moose, let the dogs run loose!
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