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    so i run about a dozen to dozen half we would be talking 8k in cameras sitting around by going reconyx route

    Love everything reconyx is about and no question they are best camera out there and I'm usually not afraid to spend money on hunting, but honestly i get my 5 years out of a browning 90% of the time at $100-$120/camera and you get some duds here and there, but looking at a large scale of cameras to simply take "inventory" photos at 8k i'm better off buying a drone that flies around the property.

    i always struggle with what am i missing by not going reconyx and longevity always seems to be the answer....i don't even want a camera that's 10-15 years old, 15 years ago i was still putting D cell batteries into cameras and MP on camera were 1-2MP was a lot and biggest card you could put in camera was 1 GB card ha
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