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Discussion in 'Food Plots for Wildlife' started by DougG, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Talked to a seed person about a mix for a deer plot, somehting to add in addition to just clover, and their recommendation was perseus festulolium and tetraploid rye grass. I have never heard of these before. Does anyone have any experience with them? From the googling I did, they appear to be a good forage plant for animals. Just curious.
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    I would stay away from the ryegrass. Chicory is a good thing to put in with clover. The two things feed each other.jmo
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    I can’t help but think this guy thought you were asking about cattle forage.

    I’d rather have 100% clover than a mix with either of those for deer.

    It depends on when you are planting and what type of clover(s), but perennial clover mixed with chicory works well, as was previously mentioned. Several online seed retailers sell some really good clover mixes. I would take a look at some of those to get some ideas.

    If you plant in the fall, adding a cereal grain like wheat and/or rye is a great idea.
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    Deer can't eat much grass because they cannot digest the lignin in the grass. For this reason Ryegrass is not a good choice for a companion crop to clover. As mentioned, chicory is good. However, if deer is the target species, clover doesn't need a companion crop, it's easier to manage alone.
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    I'm for chicory mixed with clover--The chicory does well here no matter how dry it gets and maybe it extends the season the clover plot gets attention and planing it can reduce deer/car collisions(Chicory grows wild here along the roads and by planting it in the plots it gives the deer a safer place to feed than the edge of the road). And as said--winter rye--we most always plant it with clover in the fall, rye grass---never. The PF doesn't look to belong in a deer food plot either although I had to Google it to see what it was. Since it sounds like it is a grass-nope. If you try it and find out different let us know. Good luck with your plot DougG.

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