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Discussion in 'Trail Cameras' started by struttingfool, Aug 9, 2018.

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    So went to get my cameras out of storage last night and having an issue with the battery pack on one of 3 Cuddeback Ambush IR cameras. The battery pack is corroded. The corrosion is not from the batteries because I take them out at the end of the season before I store them away. The two other packs are fine. For some reason that camera isn't really water tight. Anyone have any suggestions? I usually hit it with a wire brush and it starts working but not this time. Its not the camera because I can put another battery pack from another camera and it works fine. Any suggestion? Anyone have an old broken camera with a good battery pack that they are willing to part with? Anyone know if the current cameras they sell at Dicks or Field and Stream are the "same" battery pack? I really like these cameras, would hate to have one go down for a 25 cent part!!!!


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