Cheap source for bear boxes?

Discussion in 'Trail Cameras' started by tlh2865, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Does anybody have a cheap source for bear boxes and or python locks? I have had bears tear down 2 cameras in the last 2 weeks and that makes 4 in the last 3 months.
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    literally on the line of 4b/5a
    Not what I'd call cheap but maybe high quality---this is a company I am looking at.

    The python cable locks do not excite me as they are very easy to cut with the right tool. Securing the box to the tree with lag bolts assuming it is on property you can do this seems to be a lot safer to me.

    Locks for the boxes, I'm thinking of trying these guys out.
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    When I used to use them,I just had a buddy weld some for me, much better and cheaper than any you can buy. Honestly if you keep gloves on and don't use corn as an attractant, bear get accustomed to your scent and don't feel the need to show their pecking order. I havent used boxes for years and have 5-7 bears using my property daily.

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