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    I have an old highway road on my property that I'm going to put a blind on. The legs are 4x4 posts. I was thinking of using those anchor pins for those metal carports to secure the legs to and drill into the asphalt. I'm not sure if that's the best thing to use though. It will probably be a 6x6 wood blind and 14 ft total height. It's on a ridge in the wide open subject to high winds.
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    Dang that is high,mine is 6ft and it blew over twice before I set post tight against the sides to prevent it.My redneck has a trailer house anchor straight underneath it to hold it down tight.
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    Maybe cut/drill into the old road to see how much material you’re working with, but I would recommend cutting a piece of asphalt out (maybe a 12-18” square or so) for each leg and auger/dig holes to sink the 4x4’s (as much as possible) down to frost line, or at least 2-3’ if you’re down south. Or drill, and fill with concrete to ground level and attach posts to concrete (eliminating wood to ground contact and decrease rot probability).
    Trying to just attach to asphalt, it has a tendency to tear and peel up. It’s not really attached to the ground at all. I’m basing this on experience with ripping out driveways and walking paths. Road construction should be more substantial I’d hope, but would still be leery of erecting a stand just attached to asphalt.
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