2 Row Planter - No Till?

Discussion in 'Food Plots for Wildlife' started by HB_Hunter, Jan 14, 2019.

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    That’s a Deere 246/247. I own one. It won’t work as a no till as it’s not heavy enough. It will however, plant corn beans sunflowers. You’ll just need different plates (inexpensive). I have fun with mine. They’re a pain to keep clean though. You’ll need to scrub the feet boxes after every use.
    Around here, that machine will go for 1200 with intact fert boxes. It’s rare to find one with them still on it.

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    I did what Cutman did and bought a planter and a drill from rdhoutdoors. I can say his stuff is top notch and I'll never wear it out. If you haven't looked at his site, please do as this will help you in seeing what price/condition his stuff is compared to what you can find on the market. Both of my implements look like their brand new with all new parts.

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