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    1. ChadS

      How do I change my Forum Name?

      There is accidently a J in my first name??

      It should be Chad Seelbinder ??

    2. Chainsaw
      My photos say uploaded but then do not post. They used to work fine-I'm uploading using Paint. Any suggestions? Am I the only one having this problem?
    3. Elkaddict
      Hi, for some reason, photos are not uploading. Has the process changed or is the system down?
    4. dogghr
      Tim sorry to bother you and you are prob on this. But is there a way to get this site higher on the google list? If I google food plotting for deer, or deer hunting or deer habitat improvements, the first dozen or so sends a person to a company site typically such as WTI, or Buckmasters, etc. Too high tech for my thots but thot you guys may have a solution.. Thanks for all you've done, Doug
      1. alnipper49

        In general we are usually penalized by google for the first few months of existence. This is called the 'google sandbox" effect. So right now there isn't a ton to do EXCEPT:
        1. Keep on adding awesome content. CONTENT IS KING with google
        2.Link the site in as many places as possible (hyperlink)
        3. Do smart technical design
        Jul 24, 2016
      2. alnipper49
        In terms of technical design I'll be working on that over the next few weeks. Most of it will be transparent to the end userse. In general it's usually not my top #1 priority though, my priorities are generally:

        1. Security
        2. Performance
        3. Usability
        Jul 24, 2016
      3. alnipper49
        Simply put, I want to make this the BEST place possible for you guys. Happy, existing users are the #1 priority. Once they're happy, we can work on potential happy users!
        Jul 24, 2016
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