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  1. Shanej1991
    Shanej1991 Jayber
    Do you have plans for the pull planter you built? I am wanting something like it for my SXS.
  2. Ryno Botma
    Ryno Botma
    Hunting things
  3. BenAllgood
    BenAllgood alnipper49
    Email notifications aren't working for me. I verified my email address and made sure they weren't going to my spam folder.
  4. BenAllgood
    BenAllgood cutman
    Email notifications aren't working for me. I verified my email address and made sure they weren't going to my spam folder.
  5. Jimmy Hoer
    Jimmy Hoer
    Think twice, shoot once
  6. g squared 23
    g squared 23
    Building paradise
  7. buckdeer1
    buckdeer1 willy
    might check your post if needing a tree planter
  8. Jeremy Burnett
    Jeremy Burnett wbpdeer
    Would like to get on your mailing list for chestnut seeds.

    Jeremy Burnett
    [email protected]
    340 SE 471 RD
    Warrensburg, MO 64093
  9. RGrizzzz
    RGrizzzz mattpatt
    RE Buck IV nuts....

    Awesome. Let me know how to cover the costs of shipping. I can send Venmo, PayPal, etc.

  10. RGrizzzz
    RGrizzzz John Paul
    I saw your post about spraying and GPS. I have a barely used Garmin Glo I never wound up using. I can send it your way for $60 shipped.
  11. BenSkinner
  12. Scott Quenstedt
    Scott Quenstedt Baker
    Yes, next (or directly south) to San Rafael. I’m not overly familiar with the surrounding ranches boundary lines, besides the Cuevas. To get to the La Gloria, I believe we drove through the San Rafael (red gate with the broken bike cable lock).

    Scott Quenstedt
  13. Scott Quenstedt
    Scott Quenstedt Baker
    Hello Rusty, we’re your new neighbors at the La Gloria. My number is (210) 606-5080. I have lots of questions and would surly appreciate getting a chance to meet you.

    Scott Quenstedt
    1. Baker
      Definitely. Lets talk. I'll give you a call in the next couple days. La Gloria? Next to San Rafael? Where exactly?
      Feb 13, 2021
  14. Lucky_P
    Lucky_P Mennoniteman
    If you want to shoot me an email, I can be more in-depth on recommendations than the 450-character limit in this messaging system allows.

    [email protected]

    Lucky Pittman
  15. Lucky_P
    Lucky_P Mennoniteman
    Tell me a bit about your place - usda hardiness zone, what sort of soil types, moisture, etc. That'll help me make a better recommendation for varieties that have best shot at being productive for you. I'll readily admit that I don't know much about your area.
    I've contacted friends in NNGA & PA NGA for input, but it looks like any pecans that I'd recommend for folks in zone 6 over here would do well for you.
  16. Lucky_P
    Lucky_P lakngolf
    Hi. New to the forums. You sound like homefolks!
    I grew up just outside Auburn, in the Farmville community. We had(well, still have) a family place on Lake Martin, at Blue Creek.
    Still have family in the Auburn/Opelika, Dadeville, Smiths Station & Wetumpka area... some of whom split time between LM and Orange Beach or Panama City.

    Lucky Pittman
    1. lakngolf
      Hello there. Saw your post in intro and was going to ask about east central alabama. Sounded close.
      Know Farmvilld area well. Live on Lake Martin, opposite side from Blue Creek. But my wife recently bought a place at National Village. Lots of deer there...ha
      Feb 6, 2021
  17. Scott Quenstedt
    Scott Quenstedt Baker
    Rusty, been watching your YouTube videos. I have been hunting Mexico for the past 8 years. Six years on the river next to the silica plant, and the past two off the pipeline. My budget is 10-15K per year, if you have any openings on your place, let me know. Good chicken killing videos as well.
    1. Baker
      HI Scott, I always thought that country around the silica plant looked terrific. Hope you have been finding success with no problems.I appreciate your interest but we don't lease or sell any hunts on the ranch. Its strictly for family and friends. .I spend a lot of time at the ranch and I will keep ann ear open for anyone looking for a hunter.
      Jan 4, 2021
  18. PopPop
    PopPop THE LLC
    LLC do you have any plans for your box blind you built. I saw the pic of it and I liked it.
    1. THE LLC
      THE LLC
      Yeah. Give me your email address and I’ll send—-if I can find them.
      Dec 21, 2020
  19. Letmgrow
    hardiness zone 4B
  20. Matthew587

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