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  1. Elliott Schrader
    Elliott Schrader Longleaf
    Hi Longleaf, new member here. I was curious about your experience with using Treflan as a pre-emergent in your chufa plots. I believe im going to go that route when i lay down my first chufa plot later this month. I had some questions as far as your specific methods and timing of application. I appreciate any info you can relay!!
  2. Leroy Pederson
    Leroy Pederson
    Spring scouting for fall bow kills
  3. BenSkinner
  4. Letmgrow
    Letmgrow cutman
    Good afternoon. My son Marc Truesdell signed up a few days ago but for some reason his 'User name' shows as Marc Truesdell. He obviously did something wrong. He would like to have his user name show as "born2hunt" Could you do this for him?
    Thank you,
    Lynn Truesdell AKA: letmgrow on the forum.
    1. cutman
      Apr 16, 2020
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    2. Letmgrow
      Many thanks, He appreciates it. So do I.
      Apr 16, 2020
  5. Letmgrow
    Letmgrow OkieKubota
    Good Morning,
    My son (Marc Truesdell) signed up on this forum a couple days ago. Apparently he did something incorrectly and his name shows instead of the user name he wished to use. Is there a chance you could help us straighten this out.
    Marc would like his username to show as :Born2hunt the same as it was on the former QDMA forum and the "Realtree" forum.
    Letmgrow AKA: Lynn Truesdell
    1. OkieKubota
      Hello, Cutman is the administrator and is the only 1 with the keys to fix that. Please send this message to him and he can take care of it. Thank you!
      Apr 16, 2020
  6. Leroy Pederson
    Leroy Pederson
    obsessed with bow hunting ;)
  7. CTW
    CTW Baker
    Hi Rusty
    New here & reading old thread of yours about deer in S TX and N Mexico. You seem really knowledgeable on the subject. Always wanted to hunt South TX or Northern Mexico. Do you have any outfitter/ranch recommendations for a 2020 rifle hunt in either S TX or N Mexico? I'm looking for low fence or free range with 160 or better bucks. Thank you for the advice sir. - Chris
    1. Baker
      Afternoon, nothing like hunting the brush country along the Rio Grande!Not sure I can help as I won the land I hunt down there . There are usually ranches looking for folks to join a lease in Mexico[ where I am ] but day hunts are rare. What are you looking for? Lease. Day hunt? Whats your budget?
      Apr 4, 2020
  8. Elkaddict
    Thanks Doug. Life happens.... Spring is around the corner for us.
  9. dogghr
    dogghr Elkaddict
    Just a wanted to offer some condolences of loss of your friend. They are special, and as you said, are really missed. Have a great day, Doug
  10. Patrick
    Just joined, hope i can get and give some good information here.
  11. Lizardbiscuit
    Standing in a stand plotting food plots.
  12. Bob-Oh
    New to Forum. Looking to Improve our Off the Grid Hunting Cabin.
  13. Foragefarmer
    Chainsaw Junky
  14. Redneck
  15. OkieKubota
    OkieKubota cutman
    Are we hacked? I keep getting adds that cover content and my messaging function no longer works. I have rebooted my devices but no change. It’s only this forum.
  16. Randall Robinson
    Randall Robinson THE LLC
    I agree.. We bought the land next to the marina. Its mostly wooded. A ton of deer and hogs U hunt on calhoun falls hwy .holler at me if u need anything
    1. THE LLC
      THE LLC
      Nope--friend's place is on Harley Rucker north of town. Know where you are though. Friend of mine--Tracy Pittman--has a big place on Calhoun Hwy. We trap hogs on my buddies place. That is a TON of fun.
      Oct 31, 2019
  17. MN Slick
    MN Slick deer patch
    Hi there, shoot me an email at and I'll send you some information and specs on the bikes. I'm not sure how they feel about "selling" on here and don't want to look like I'm on here just to shill bikes. Thanks, Dave
  18. wbpdeer
    wbpdeer Rottie87
    Hey Ryan This is Wayne Pruett. I am shipping chinese chestnuts on Monday. I have a box of 50 for you if you still want them.

    I had a hard time collecting viable nuts this time. Too many failed the float test. Hot and dry in August and Sept.

    Would you like a box?
    1. Rottie87
      Yes I do just let me know how much I owe you and where to send the money
      Oct 16, 2019
  19. Chris76
    Chris76 cutman
    Hi cutman instead of my name can you make it Chris76
  20. William Allis
    William Allis Bowhunter
    Where are you located? I am in Cuba, NY and am going to try Thunder herbicide. Would you be interested in splitting a gallon? Contact me at


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