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  1. Chris76
    Chris76 cutman
    Hi cutman instead of my name can you make it Chris76
  2. William Allis
    William Allis Bowhunter
    Where are you located? I am in Cuba, NY and am going to try Thunder herbicide. Would you be interested in splitting a gallon? Contact me at

  3. Flo1919
    Flo1919 Native Hunter
    My name is Shawn. I really enjoy reading your posts. I'm looking for your suggestions on your favorite disease resistant apple varieties. Can you give me some suggestions on varieties to plant? I would really like to reduce spraying as much as I can. Be well, Shawn
    1. Native Hunter
      Native Hunter
      I just bumped an old thread to the top in the fruit tree section for you.
      Jul 23, 2019
  4. Worm
    Worm Turkey Creek
    Hey Turkey Creek
    I'm already thinking about next years trees. Do you carry crabs , Chestnut,Kerr,Centennial etc. Also, what rootstock do you use
    Im in Virginia with quite a bit of clay soil. In the past Ive mainly used 111b but have been trying out Antonovka the last couple of years
    Thanks John (worm ).
    1. Turkey Creek
      Turkey Creek
      Yes usually we have Chestnut, Kerr, Hewes and Dolgo. M111 and B118 mostly.
      Jul 22, 2019
  5. Fix
    Counting down the days
  6. Turkey Creek
    Turkey Creek
    Jefferson County, KS
  7. Mennoniteman
    Mennoniteman cutman
    In Property Threads, Keystone Krops, could you move my posts 37, 38, 39, and 40 up to right after my post #19? I have some herbicide tank mixes that I would like to keep together.
  8. Yarg
    Yarg dogghr
    hello I was wondering if you remember the name of the place in Virginia you dealt with as I was looking for a large quantity of tree tubes and would not mind buying rejects for a good price thank you Gary
    1. dogghr
      I’m on the road but Ill try ck that info tomorrow when I get home. They were in central VA near Charlottesville if remember. Been a few years as I guess they still sale. They were actually a manufacture for the company but did sale from warehouse. I’ll try to track them down for you. Doug
      Apr 6, 2019
  9. Yarg
    Yarg dogghr
    Hello I was wondering if you can give me the contact for the tree tube manufacturer in Virginia I'm looking to buy a lot of tubes my name is Gary thank you very much
  10. willy
  11. William Koppelberger Jr.
    William Koppelberger Jr.
  12. William Koppelberger Jr.
    William Koppelberger Jr.
    80 birthdays, 65 loving my bow, cedar arrows, wild turkey feathers , zwickeys razor sharp, venison, turkeys, stalking close
  13. MilkweedManiac
    MilkweedManiac wbpdeer
    Requesting to be added to the list!

    Cole Barnett
  14. buckdeer1
    buckdeer1 Lewi B
    were you interested in planter
  15. Rottie87
    Rottie87 wbpdeer
    I would like to be on your list. Ryan Ragan 15083 w farm rd 18 Walnut Grove, Mo 65770 417 300 1477
  16. Jack Terpack
    Jack Terpack wbpdeer
    Wayne, would love to have a few more of your seeds. Jack Terpack, 4614 Moorefield Street, Hodges, SC 29653 Don't own a cell phone, never needed one.
  17. rusty1034
  18. rusty1034
    Dave, just saw this- sorry
  19. bill turlik
    bill turlik Fish
    hi fish
    bill turlik i was wondering are you going to have any lemon drop scions this year if so i would like some thanks bill turlik
  20. Bowriter
    Outdoor writer, wildlife biologist, works in the Southeast.

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