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  1. X-farmerdan
    X-farmerdan cutman
    Hello friend! I created this thread under DEER HUNTING. I had a crazy idea bout collecting the pieces of data needed to arrive at a "score," but i didn't spend enough with it. Delete my last thread, please? TEST: Score this Buck"

  2. Chainsaw
    Chainsaw rusty1034
    Rusty, lost your e-mail--would like to send you a few pics that I don't dare post on the forum this early in hunting season--might get some local attention if I did.
    [email protected]
  3. Marty Edwards
    Marty Edwards Nebraskaz71
    Good morning. I just read your post about some columnar oaks you purchased from a nursery near you that grew fast & produced well. I live on a farm near Beatrice, curious what specific species you bought and the nursery if you don’t mind sharing.

    1. Nebraskaz71
      Hey, the columnar oaks I have are crimson spire oaks and prince regal oaks. So far the prince regal have done the best. Crimson spires have been in the ground three yrs and not done a lot yet, the prince regals have only been in the ground one year and they grew over 3ft this year and covered in acorns. Some are from lowes, some from mulhalls or lanaha nursery in omaha. Goodluck!
      Oct 13, 2018
  4. MN Slick
    MN Slick cutman
    Hi Cutman, what are the rules for posting in the classifieds? I imported some electric fat tire bikes that I'd like to post. Let me know. Thanks Dave
    1. cutman
      Post away. No rules as long as you are in the classifieds.
      Oct 9, 2018
  5. weekender21
    weekender21 David
    Was that you that posted the picture of the swollen deer butt last season? I shot a doe in NC with the same thing last week. Trying to remember the name of the thread.

    Thanks, Andy
  6. X-farmerdan
    X-farmerdan cutman
    I figured it out....
  7. X-farmerdan
    X-farmerdan cutman
    New Post:
    Fawn Resruitment - The Final Word? Probably Not!

    Please, can you help me spell Recruitment?
  8. big L
    big L Charleston Treeman
    Commish sent U invite link;
    Let me know if U incur any problem getting signed in & joining.
  9. Jack Terpack
    Jack Terpack wbpdeer
    Wayne, when you get some chestnuts to sell let me know. The ones I bought from you two years ago were doing well until the local utility came through and sprayed their right-of-way. Their overspray killed all of them and half of my crabapple trees about two months ago. I am still seeking payment from the company. Anyways, I need more when you have them. Thanks.
  10. BobinCt
    BobinCt X-farmerdan
    Thx for one of your old responses regarding clover turning reddish/purplish. You stated not to worry as it’s shutting down. I noticed some reddish on some of it today as I sprayed it, but I just had an S3M test done 2 weeks ago which shows micros and my boron was medium. So your probably dead on with your answer. Thx.
    1. X-farmerdan
      Good information Bob! Thanks for the confirmation! We sometimes make assertions (science based wild ass guesses) and hope for the best.
      Jun 20, 2018
  11. WILD CAT
    New in this Hunting Forum!!!
  12. jvanhees
  13. Double L
    Double L Reagan
    can you send me your contact info. would like to get more info about your property. text 814-442-6771 email [email protected]
    Thanks Lenny
  14. Black River Food Plots
    Black River Food Plots
    "Brilliance In The Basics"
  15. Docfather
    Docfather cutman
    Could you please change my name to Docfather?
    1. cutman
      Apr 5, 2018
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  16. Bowman
    Lewiston, Michigan
  17. futshop
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  18. ChadS
    ChadS cutman

    Is there any way I can get my UserName changed to ChadS??
    1. cutman
      Mar 19, 2018
    2. ChadS
      Mar 22, 2018
  19. ChadS
    ChadS alnipper49

    How do I change my Forum Name?

    There is accidently a J in my first name??

    It should be Chad Seelbinder ??

  20. Chainsaw
    Chainsaw alnipper49
    My photos say uploaded but then do not post. They used to work fine-I'm uploading using Paint. Any suggestions? Am I the only one having this problem?
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