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  1. Shufigo
    Shufigo Mitch123
    Mitch, getting on towards scion cutting time. What is it that you're looking for? Shuf
  2. catscratch
    catscratch Buckly
    Tried to send you a message but it won't let me. Am I on the ignore list, or is there some sort of button/setting I'm missing?
  3. Shufigo
    Shufigo Worm
    Our land use and locations are so similar. I'm by Ivor. I've 30 young crabs, deer pear and persimmon. I'm grafting eating apples onto the crabs and Bartletts onto the deer pears. I'm grafting my persimmons, 2 year olds through 6 year olds, with local and Oklahoma scions. There's a good chance that we may have some experiences or scions or (??) that would benefit the other. Garry
    1. Worm
      hey Shufigo
      I have Dolgo,Wickson, and Hewes crabs.The deer seem to like the Dolgos best but they drop Sept to Oct around here. Ive planted some native persimmons that are only a couple of years old. I have quite a few semi dwarfs om m111. I My favorites are Blacktwig and Yates. I also have a few Kieffer Pears, potomac and Ayers Pears .
      I have never grafted but am taking a grafting workshop in a few weeks.
      Jan 21, 2018
  4. Scatterlandsfarms
    Scatterlandsfarms wbpdeer
    yes Edwards mom passed away this afternoon she is my sister ,,we all holding up pretty good will take time ,,,, also I hope to see ya at the shed trial in feb
  5. Shufigo
    Shufigo Eric
    Eric, welcome to the forum. I believe I'm your northern boundary neighbor. GK Confirm you're EB?
    1. Eric
      Jan 16, 2018
  6. John Brzoza
    John Brzoza
  7. savanna
    savanna Buckly
    Hi, this is Jesse, just got your message.
  8. weekender21
    weekender21 ncnat
    Do know any place in western NC that rents ATV's and food plot implements? Just an ATV would be fine too.
    1. ncnat
      Don't know much about the mountain area. What are you wanting done? I have a small side business that does food plots, wildlife habitat work and tractor work.
      Nov 14, 2017
  9. Mel@wilsons
    [email protected]
    The view here does not suck!!!
  10. Novacane
    Novacane Rogers38
    Hello, I would be interested in some of the chestnuts you have if you have any left, Let me know and I will give you all the info you need.
    Thank You!
  11. Deernut74
    Deernut74 THE LLC
    Was wondering if you were gonna have some acorns for sale this year?
  12. j-bird
    Proving you can practice QDM without QDMA "Some fishing lures are designed to catch fish....others are designed to catch fishermen"
  13. dawghall
    dawghall j-bird
    Hey J-Bird, I'd be interested in some swamp white oak acorns if you have enough. Just let me know how to pay
  14. X-farmerdan
    X-farmerdan lakngulf
    What's going on friend? Are you hurricane prepared? Let me know what you need and I will fly like the wind!
    1. lakngulf
      Looking more like East coast instead of Gulf now. We will bunker down! You may have to keep an eye on it too.
      Sep 6, 2017
  15. X-farmerdan
    I need to go outside. I need to take a nap. I need to mow the grass. I need to go the farm. I need to stop traveling so much!
  16. X-farmerdan
    X-farmerdan Shufigo
    Just checkin' on my friends! You doing OK?
    1. PBear
      X-farmerdan - - Thanks for the inquiry. Doing just fine. If I felt any better, I'd feel guilty. I've been having all kinds of admin problems with the site, and even now don't have confidence in getting back on line with this username. I'm also using PBear under my wife's email address. Of note, it's time to finish the brassica food plots and get the bow stands trimmed out. C'mon October......
      Sep 6, 2017
  17. big L
    big L cutman
    Mind sending Doe Shooter alert to curtail 'hollering' every single one of his texts: UNbold & single space. Thanks..
  18. big L
    big L dogdoc
    Dog doc,
    Mind sending Doe Shooter alert to quit 'hollering' every single text he write: Unbold & Single space. Thanks
  19. big L
    big L Eggman
    We have 8 owners showing, But u are Not showing. Send me ur email address & I'll get invite sent to ya. a New owner requested to join last week. You two would balance & bring total to even # of 10. (Draft required)
    Larche,,, [email protected]
  20. Elkaddict
    Elkaddict cutman
    I'm having trouble posting pics (they're not too big). Also, it seems stuck on a post I'm been trying to upload a pic to. This has helped once before many months ago. Please help.
    1. cutman
      Hey. There's nothing on the forum end that should be messing you up. Do the usual stuff like logging out and logging back in, restart your browser, restart your computer, etc.
      Jul 22, 2017

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